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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Blog Tour and Review for Mr One-Night Stand by Rachael Stewart @MillsandBoon #MillsandBoonInsiders #Blogtour #DebutBook

One night only. 

Just think of the possibilities

The second she sees Mr Oh-So-Delicious, Jennifer Hayes knows she needs one night of crazy. No names, no strings, no rules. Except that Jennifer's naughty one-nighter is actually Marcus Wright—her new business partner! Now they're mixing business with all kinds of pleasure. But when it comes to falling in love her sexy Mr Wright is either Mr Wrong or the best mistake of her life…

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog, I have the great pleasure in sharing my review for Mr One-Night Stand blog tour by Rachael Stewart.

This is Ms Stewart's first Mills and Boon romance for Dare. There is one thing I must say if you don't like strong language and a lot sex in your books, please, please don't read this book...but if you're like me and you like this type of book, then I can highly recommend reading this one.

Oh boy was this book hot, I instantly loved Marcus for me any hero with dark hair, I always have the image of Aidan Turner in my head (😂)...but apart from Marcus being a successful businessman, he also has a soft centre and this shows when something happens to a member of his family.

I also adored Jennifer, boy was she feisty and she doesn't let Marcus have his own way all the time. Jennifer is the older sister to Kate who lives in Yorkshire (yay my home county) with their mother and on a weekend visit that Jennifer realises that she is needed more at home, and of Jennifer has to make a big decision, well there is two decisions she has to make, and you will find out what they are when you read the book.

There is one other thing I must say, I did feel sorry for Colin, its not bad just probably a little embarrassing (😉).

The book is on pre-order at Amazon UK  and is released on 21st February. 

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  1. Hi Michelle! Fabulous to meet you. I'm on tour with this fabulous book today! Thought I'd pop round and visit your spot. It is a great book. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Here's my post if you'd like to visit. Have a great day! xx