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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

New to blogging

Hi my name is Michelle or Shell if you prefer, this is my first blog.  I have been a Mills & Boon fan since the age of 12 when one rainy Saturday and I kept complaining to my mum that I was bored, so my mum said she had a Mills and Boon and I would I like to read it, I can never remember the title of book but the author was by Carole Mortimer and since then I was hooked.

My other favourite author was the late great Penny Jordan, I have slowly worked my way through her books and I keep finding ones that I haven't read.  As off last week I have become a Insider for Mills and Boon which means that I will be reviewing books and I will tell you more of that when I get more info.

I will now tell you more about me now, I have now reached 50 (where did that time go), I am married to my lovely hubby Jay, we have no children (we had thought of fostering or adopting but Jay has a lot medical problems so we had to rule that out), but we have a lot nieces and nephews and now great-nieces and great-nephews even though we don't see them we love them a lot.  Both of my parents have passed away now, my mum died in 1985 at 54 and my dad died 2003 at 75 which just left on side of the family my sister and I, she has been married to my brother in-law Jim for 41 years and she has 2 daughters Sarah and Christina, Jay comes from a big family both of his parents are still living and he has 2 brothers Graham and Hedley and 1 sister Carole, and 2 half sisters Sam and Sonia, this is why we have lots off nieces and nephews (too many to list).  We live in Hull, East Yorkshire, I was born and bred here and Jay was born in Bristol and moved to Hull when he was 9 years old.

I read mainly romances Mills and Boon especially, and I now I'm reading historical romances either Mills and Boon authors or others that I found on Amazon for my kindle.  My favourite authors for historical are:

Historical Authors Mills and Boon

Carole Mortimer
Laurie Benson
Jenni Fletcher
Virginia Heath
Nicole Locke
Lara Temple

Historical Authors
Kate Pearce
Lauren Smith
Nicola Davidson
Christi Caldwell
Lisa Kleypas
Maureen Driscoll
Grace Callaway

Contemporary Romances Mills and Boon

Carole Moritmer
Abby Green
Heidi Rice
Caitlin Crews
Chantelle Shaw
Susan Stephens
Penny Jordan (passed away)
Charlotte Lamb (passed away)

Also Carole Mortimer has been writing some very saucy novels These are.

Alpha Series (they are 8 books all together)
Knight Security (they are 5 at the moment and No: 6 comes out in March)

Regency Unlaced (9 books all together the last one comes out on the 24 Feb)

I am on Facebook and Twitter (Boonies123).  So please get in touch and I will be reviewing books and telling you my thoughts.  On Facebook I am admin for the Mills and Boon book reviewer and chat so please come and say hi we are very friendly.

See you next time.


  1. Yay! Good luck with the blog Michelle! Looking forward to reading your thoughts and recommendations :) x Abby Green

    1. Just seen the comment Abby thank you, its very much appreciated xx

  2. Hello, Shell. Best of luck with your new blog. I've followed. Rose Blue

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging Shell and I look forward to reading your reviews. I see Lisa Kleypas is on your list of favourite authors. I love her historicals, especially the Wallflowers and Hathaways series. I'm enjoying her new Ravenels series as well.