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Monday, 17 July 2017

Michelle Smart  Protecting His Defiant Innocent

This is the first book in Michelle's new trilogy Bound To A Billionaire.  In these books we are going to meet.  Felipe Lorenzi, Matteo Manaserro and Daniele Pellegrini.

I have always liked reading Michelle's books, you know what to expect the tall dark handsome hero and the heroine is always strong and independent and doesn't make things easy for the hero.

I can't go into great detail because they would be a lot of spoilers and you don't want that.  So I will just give a little of the characters.

Francesca Pellegrini is the youngest in the Pellgrini family.  She is feisty and independent and she wants to have her own career Francesca is training to be a lawyer.  She is also the most determined as well and that's because her older brother Pieta died in a helicopter crash while helping the Caribbean Island of Caballeros to build a hospital after the recent hurricane.

As you will find out things don't go to plan and Francesca has to have the help of Felipe to get her out of the situation.

Felipe Lorenzi is a Spanish Security Expert he was also ex-spanish Special Forces and because of that he is very arrogant and he also determined because he doesn't want a relationship.  Felipe never knew his father and his mother worked three jobs to give him a decent life and that's why he joined the army, but due to a hostage and getting shot in his leg and also his best friend Sergio getting killed he was decommissioned out of the army and set up his security firm.

I loved the book so much that I was championing Francesca and cannot wait to read the other books.  But there is one question only Michelle can answer, do we find out what has happened to Alberto??

If you are a fan of Michelle's books then I can highly recommend this one and I know that the other two books are going to be fantastic as well.  I give this book 5/5 stars

This book is released on 1st August and can be purchased at

The next book is Claiming His One-Night Baby, which is Matteo and Natasha's story.  Matteo is Francesca's cousin and Natasha is Pieta's widow.  This book is released on 1st September.

I recieved this ARC from Netgalley for Mills and Boon Insiders.  For a honest review.

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