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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Book Review

‘A sizzling summer read! – Sarah Morgan

Is home always where the heart is?

When Ellie spent a summer with her mum on a Wiltshire commune in the 90s it was a bigger disaster than Leo DiCaprio’s trip aboard the Titanic – so fleeing to America seemed a perfect plan.
But now, with her marriage falling apart, running back to her mum seems like the only option for her and her son Josh.
She wasn’t expecting Art, the boy she once had a crush on to still be working at Willow Tree Farm…And still be as hot and bothersome as he was when they were teenagers.
Ellie came to Willow Tree Farm for a fresh start. But is she ready to risk sailing her life – and her heart – into another iceberg?

I will defy anyone who reads this book, not to laugh, cheer and cry, because I definitely did.  For me this book is a definite must read and one I can highly recommend.

I have two favourite scenes from the book.  The first one is when Ellie is annoyed with Art and she's been stumbling around the out building in the dark and getting her best bunny slippers covered in mud 😂, if that doesn't make you laugh then nothing will.

The second favourite scene, is when Annie says that Art looks like Aidan Turner, now I had already thought that Art was hot, so my interest went up a whole lot more.

I also loved the diary entries that Ellie wrote when she was Fourteen, and how she coped with her teenage crush then and how she deals with Art now she is a adult.

I will give this book 5/5 stars.

I received this complementary copy in return for a honest review all thoughts are my own.

you can buy this book from Amazon UK and all other retailers.

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