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Thursday, 23 August 2018

Book Review

'He’s completely unsuitable…
he’s a rake.'
Part of The Beauchamp Heirs: After being plucked from peril by resolute bachelor Lord Hugo Alastair, Lady Olivia Beauchamp is secretly outraged that he doesn’t even try to steal a kiss! He’s a notorious rake amongst the ton and as a result, utterly forbidden to an innocent debutante like her. But their attraction is magnetic. Will she risk her reputation for a passionate encounter?

I received this ARC from the author in return for a honest review.

This is book 1 in The Beauchamp Heirs.  And its the book we've all being waiting for, yes its Olivia's book.

Wow Ms Preston has done it again this book was FANTASTIC (sorry for shouting), now we know from reading other books that Olivia is a little minx and we just knew that she was going to get into trouble, and was poor Leo going get slightly more greyer.

We know that Olivia is a minx, on the outside you would think she was strong and that nothing would ever faze her, well you are wrong because underneath lies a vulnerable young girl and Olivia thinks the only way her family sees her is when she getting into mischief...but this all stems from when her mother was alive, because according to her mother Olivia was always getting the way and not good like her brothers.  Also they are a lot of changes happening in Olivia's family and Olivia isn't keen on change.  As you will remember Leo married Rosalind, Vernon married Thea and Cecily married Zach (sighs deeply) and Olivia thinks her family are going to forget her.  This is were I wanted to tell Olivia that everything will be alright, and that no way would her family ever forget her.  Rather these new members will enhance the family and make the family stronger.

So I hear you say were does Hugo come into this.  So as you can imagine Olivia won a bet with her brother Alex and yes something goes wrong and yes you've gathered Olivia needs Hugo's help, but not just for herself but for Alex as well.  And right from the start you know there is chemistry between Olivia and Hugo.  As with Olivia Hugo is vulnerable, this comes from his father who we gather isn't a nice man, and Hugo is determined not to get married.  The difference between Hugo and his father is that Hugo is a protector and will do anything to keep his family safe.

I will give 5/5 stars...but this book deserves at least 10/10.

This book is on pre order at Amazon UK and is released on 23rd August.


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