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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Book Review


When Isla Evans agrees to switch lives with her rising star of a twin for three weeks, she has no idea the move will thrust her into the same bed as her teenage celebrity heartthrob, Bradley King. Trapped there at her sister’s request, she gives her desire free reign and finds herself falling hard and fast.

And she’s not alone. 

Bradley wants a wife to tick all the boxes, save for one: love. It’s not part of the deal, never was, never will be. But when he returns home early to find his hopeful-fiancée behaving all sorts of different, he likes it. A lot. Suddenly, he wants a real marriage, with all the trimmings, and he will stop at nothing until he gets it.

But this Hollywood HEA faces one big hurdle—she’s not who he thinks she is…

I received this ARC from the author in return for a honest review, all thoughts are my own.

Oh my Ms Stewart has only gone and done it again, she has written the most marvellous book.  If you remember she wrote Unshackled, which was hot, now this book isn't as raunchy as Unshackled...but it still has the heat, so if you're not keen on this type of book, please don't read it.

Here is a question if you had a twin sister and she asked you to swap places with her and lived her life for three weeks and in that time you come face to face with your teenage heartthrob would you swap places??  My answer is yes and now that I'm older it still would be yes, the only difference is now it would be a certain Mr. Turner.  Well this is what Isla and her sister have done, and all I will say is god Bradley was gorgeous.

Favourite bit from the book, Brad trying to make waffles three attempts it took before they could eat, well a certain thing got in the way 😂 

If you have read Unshackled then you will this book and I will give 5/5 stars.

The book is on pre-order at Amazon UK  and the book is released on 21st August.

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