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Friday, 29 March 2019


Hello my lovely readers, today I have the goregous Rachael Stewart back on my blog for another interview, she must be mad 😂. This time its about Mr One-Night Stand her debut book for Mills and Boon Dare. At the end of the interview there is a chance to win a copy of the book along with some teas and chocolate, more on that after the interview.

1 Did you have anyone famous who you thought was Marcus and Jennifer?

Jennifer was definitely crafted with Donna from Suits in mind (have you watched
Suits? One word, Harvey! Swoon!). I just love her, want to be her, want her to be
my best friend, the works, so I really wanted her sassiness injected into Jennifer.
As for Marcus, he really was my Valleys boy done good and more a merging of
characters. Probably the business acumen of Harvey (Suits again!) but the welsh
charm of Gareth Bale (a gorgeous welsh footballer for those not hot on the game).

2 Could you share a few fun facts about the book?

The heat level is off the charts, but then you got that bit already ;-)
The idea came from having owned our own company in the past with multiple
business partners. I wanted to explore the dynamic of that relationship. It’s hard to
believe the situation Jennifer finds herself in, confronted with a new business partner
she knew nothing about. But it is entirely possible. And the forced proximity after
their one-night of crazy as strangers seemed the perfect start to what proves to be a
hot and emotional ride (at least I like to think it does!). Particularly as they both like,
and are used to, coming out on top—Pun intended 
As for the characters themselves:
Marcus is a self-made billionaire running from his damaged past, one that makes
him turn his back on family and refuse to fall in love.
Jennifer is a career woman determined to hit the top before she dares to love. But
she wants it, eventually. She has her work commitments and her family to care for,
an ailing mother and a younger sister who depend on her. They all come first.
But of course, life has other ideas, taking them from strangers who share one night
of passion to business partners, forced together in close proximity. It makes for a hot
and emotional journey as they re-evaluate the rules they live by or risk losing the
best thing that’s ever happened to them.

3 How much research did you do for the book?

As far as the business side of it goes, that came from experience. As for the heat,
the romance, the “how far to take it”, that came from experience too—joke! Well only
partly joking ;-) It also came from reading lots and finding my own voice amongst it

4 When writing the sexy scenes, do you have to be alone?

At home, yes! It was alright when my children were little and couldn’t read, or when
the TV was far more interesting to them. I lose myself so entirely in my writing that
everything else just falls away. But I got caught out a year or so ago when my

youngest was snuggled in bed with me one morning watching the TV while I worked.
I suddenly realised his eyes were like saucers and they were NOT on his cartoon!!!
Oops! Epic bad mum moment!! Never again!!
But if I’m in a café, on a train or somewhere else public, I’m fine. I actually like the
hustle and bustle. I always make sure I’m sat with my screen facing me and away
from others though!

5 How did you get to find out that M&B wanted to publish your book?

This I will never forget! I was walking home from school pick up in the afternoon,
chatting to one of the Dad’s also on the school run and my mobile started ringing
with a No Caller ID. “Blasted cold callers!” was my internal response as I cut the call
and carried on chatting. Well, when I got in the door, an email popped up from
Senior Editor Flo Nicoll asking if I was available for a quick chat.
I still didn’t think it was the call though. I thought she was ringing to tell me I hadn’t
quite hit the mark, and could I look at changing x, y, z. So when she actually said
they wanted to offer me a contract, I screamed, cried, sobbed, laughed, the works.
My kids thought I’d lost it. It was one of the best moments of my life!

6 And following on from the last question, how did you celebrate? I hope bubbles were involved 

Definitely bubbles! And ringing around my loved ones! They all know what a dream
this is for me and I had to get it out there before I burst with it. My hubby was the first
person I told of course, and I was just crying down the phone to him, trembling with
shock, and so very happy.

7 In May Mr Temptation is released, could we have a little teaser?

Ah, I love Zara and Daniel (picture Ruby Rose and Chris Hemsworth). They’re quite
different to Jennifer and Marcus, and in this scene, Daniel is convincing Zara that
any shared extra-curricular activity won’t impact her working relationship with his
sister…he has given her his word and she is doing her damnedest to resist…
‘Your word?’
He made an affirmative noise deep in his throat, almost enticing a reciprocal one from her as it
strummed at the heat swelling down low.
‘I’m willing to bet you’re just as caught up in this attraction as me,’ he said. ‘And if that’s the case,
you’ll realise this is about a bit of fun; no harm, no foul, no jeopardised business arrangement.’
‘You reckon?’ She sounded breathless, out of control.
No, no, don’t let this happen.
He nodded and raised his hand, her breath catching as she anticipated his touch, wanting and dreading it
all the same, knowing that when it came she would lose herself in it, in him.
‘I’m not very good at…fun.’ She threw his description back at him, desperately clinging to what she
knew to be true even as the heat of his hand brushed beneath her jaw, his touch so light it was barely there.
And she wanted it there. Wanted every one of those fingers pressed into her skin as he kissed her.

‘Fun?’ he questioned softly, his hand following the contours of her neck as her head lolled back into his
palm of its own mutinous accord.
‘Not this sort of fun.’ She trembled; fear, excitement, all manner of urges melting away the need to
break free.
‘You’re going to have to clarify, because I’m talking about sex, nothing more, nothing less.’
Sex. Even hearing him say it had her tummy contracting over the ferocity of her need as her confession
burst from her lips. ‘And so am I.’
His brow became a fierce V, his eyes sparking with something akin to surprise, disbelief, something
more…but then it hooded over as he asked, ‘You’re afraid of keeping it casual?’
She shook her head. If only that were her problem.
‘I’m not very good at it.’ She stressed the it, praying it would be clear enough, even as her contracted
tummy now squirmed in shame.
Why admit that? Why admit something buried so deep inside?
Because it wasn’t so deep.
Hadn’t Charles brought it all to the surface when he’d called her that morning?
Hadn’t the revelation of Julia’s relationship troubles kicked up her own storm?
His expression softened, a strange sense of relief shining through. ‘I don’t believe that.’
‘It’s the truth,’ she breathed, her chin lifting defiantly.
She needed to convince him, to get him to back away. She hadn’t been able to let anyone near her since
Charles. Her revamped image was all part of her great big back-the-hell-off-I’m-not-interested persona.
She didn’t want anyone to get close enough to risk Charles’s words being reaffirmed by anybody
else—‘You’re cold…so frigid in the sack…it’s such hard work.’
Daniel wasn’t getting the message though, his intent searing her as his head lowered, his mouth
brushing against hers to say, ‘Why don’t you let me be the judge of that?’

8 If you could be a character in any book which one would it be?

Out of my books, I would have to say Zara. I love both her independence and her
unique style. She exudes confidence but underneath she is as sensitive as the best
of us.

9 How do you fit in your writing, with been a busy mum?

By getting up extra early (5:30am currently) and having quite a regimented day. It
really is:
5:30 Coffee & Work in bed
7:00 Wake kids & sort breakfast
7:30 Exercise
8:40 School Run
9:00 Shower & back to work (and also, fulfil the multitude of housewife duties which I
think the kids like to add to on a daily basis!)
15:00 School pick up, homework, tea…
17:00 Back to work, and then depending on how busy I am, I’ll work intermittently
around bedtime routine and dinner with hubby.

10 And the last question, this is just for fun. If you were hosting a dinner party or any
party, which three people would you invite, these can be either past or present?

This changes all the time, but right this second, Theresa May, just so I could watch
my husband have Brexit out with her, and then Jack Whitehall and his Dad, just
because I want to know if they really are as funny together as they are on TV. That
Travels with My Father show just cracked me up and I love that they have a good

relationship. My Dad is my all-time hero (hubby now too of course!) so I love seeing

others who have a similar bond 


So my dear readers, its now over to you. My question is if you was going to have a one-night stand who would it be with, this is who mine would be.

Obviously Aidan Turner 😂😂 so who are you going to choose, this can be past or present.

This is what one person is going to win, unfortunately due to the extravagant cost of postage, its UK only.

 The giveaway is open across Twitter and Facebook too, same rules apply; just like the giveaway post/s and comment with your answer. (Each post you comment on is a separate entry, eg; If you comment here, Twitter and Facebook you have three chances to win.)
Good Luck, my lovely readers.
*T&C’s – Closing date is 8th April at 9pm BST, the winner will be chosen at random and will be announced shortly after, winner will be contacted directly by myself whether that be by email or DM via Twitter or Facebook. This Giveaway belongs to me and it is not sponsored or endorsed by anyone. 


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