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Friday, 12 April 2019

Book Review Atticus by Carole Mortimer (Steele Proctors Book 2)

ATTICUS (Steele Protectors 2) is the 2nd book in USA Today and Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Carole Mortimer’s, BRAND NEW Contemporary Romantic Suspense series.

Author’s Note: Beware of the very sexy & very alpha Steele brothers. These books are HOT!

Atticus is eldest of the six Steele brothers, and he takes that role very seriously. Even more so when it comes to the welfare and safety of his fiercely independent and adopted sister, Jenna Riley. Except Atticus hasn’t thought of her in a sisterly way for years. If he ever did.

Recently Jenna was viciously attacked by two thugs, who have since learned the error of their ways at the hands of the Steele brothers. Atticus insists, for her own safety, that Jenna live with him once she’s well enough to be discharged from hospital. 

Weeks later, she’s still there, tormenting him on a daily basis, with her presence, her perfume, and the sexy items of her clothing occasionally left in his bathroom, which she insists on using because she says his shower is better than hers!

Atticus isn’t sure how much more of this torment he can take before he loses it completely and gives in to his need to take and own Jenna. All of her.

When Jenna’s life is once again threatened all bets are off! 

I knew this was going to be a fun read, and I was not disappointed. Jenna is just as feisty and strong as I thought, well she has to be, because growing up with six brothers who in there own way are very alpha male, she really had to stick up for herself.

Now when I say brothers, they are not Jenna's blood brothers. Jenna went to live with the Steele family when she was eight, when her mother died, and the Steele family brought her up as one of there own. But from a young age Jenna hero worshipped Atticus, only when Jenna was older did it change to love...but of course Atticus being all alpha male tried to ignore his feelings for Jenna, until as you know from the first book, Jenna was abducted and severely beaten, that his feelings changed.

Now normally I don't like my hero's to have beards and long hair...well lets just say Ms Mortimer has changed my mind. For me Atticus was definitely alpha male and he does show how manly at certain times...but that is only to the ones he loves. 

Overall for me this was brilliant and well written as always from Ms Mortimer, and one I can highly recommend.

You can buy the book from Amazon UK and all other retailers.

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