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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Susan Stephens:  Spaniard Untamed

When Susan first revealed the cover for Untamed I feel in love with Diego without acutely reading the book first.  Susan did say that Diego was hot and boy she wasn't wrong.

The Blood and Thunder Team:
Alexei Riga who is married to Amber
Cesar a cold distant man who called no place home
Dante Fermosa who is married to Rosie

Diego Vidal the Grand Duke of Mote Caliente.  He is part of the Blood and Thunder Polo Team and they also risk their lives doing vigilante work as well, and its through this work that he and the blood and Thunder team rescue Celina Petrovka from a gang who was going to sell Celina and some other girls for the sex slaves.

Celina Petrovka she was left an orphanage when she was baby, it wasn't a very nice place the matron was mean to the girls she would beat them and take the gifts that was left for them.  Because of the hard time she had in the orphanage this made Celina strong and she met a girl called Marissa and she became Celina's teaching assistant.  

What I will say is the Blood and Thunder Team are trying to find a man called Del Roca *SPOILER* he killed Dante Fermosa first wife.

I don't want to go into too much detail.  I loved the book from the first page to the last.  I found it fast paced their is some explicit language and a lot of sex.  I liked the first two books which are:

 Christmas Tsar
Argentinian Billionaire

This book is my favourite I adored Diego, and the cover matches how I thought Diego would be.

The book is available to buy at and is released on March 31st 

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