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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Virginia Heath  A Warriner to Protect Her

If you ask me there are not enough feathers in the food.  They are wasted in pillows.

Only a fool would develop such a powerful emotion for a man who largely behaved as if she didn't exist.

These are my two favourites quotes from the book.  If you liked the film Seven Brides For Seven Brothers then you will love this book, but even if you have never seen the film then I highly recommend that you read this book, Virginia you did a wonderful job and a different take on the film I loved it this book from start to finish.

My Review

Violet Dunston or Letty is a Tea Heiress, both of her parents died in a carriage accident and her uncle moved in with her.  Her uncle and The Earl of Bainbridge come up with a plan which sees the Earl wanting to marry Letty, and then kill her for her money.  The Earl of Bainbridge, durgs and bind and gags Letty and they are on their way to Gretna Green, when Letty escapes from the Earl.

Jack Warriner is the older brother to Jamie the war hero and was seriously wounded, Joe who would dearly love go to medical school and become a doctor and Jacob the youngest who loves reading about the London gossip and is a lovable rogue.

The manor were the brothers live has over the years been completely run down by their father who was a drunk and didn't care about the estate or his sons, there mother died when Jack was fourteen and since then he has brought up his younger brothers.  Jack is trying to get the estate back to earning money so that he and his brothers can have a comfortable life and he also comes up against the locals who can't forget how his father treated them and Jack is determined to change their opinion of them.

This is were Jack finds Letty in the woods because she has managed to escape the carriage.  From here we see that the Warriner brothers help Letty get better and she also comes to realise that she wants to be part of the family, and she also makes the manor into a home, which is something that Jack, Jamie, Joe and Jacob have never had before.

I don't want to give too much away, but look out for when Jack has to rescue a sheep and Letty drools over Jacks body, that scene is the best.  

In the book we have highs and lows, and above all a love story that will melt the hardest of hearts.

I give the book 5/5, it so deserves more.

I cannot wait to read about Jamie.  The Warriners brothers are going to be the most brilliant series ever.

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