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Friday, 17 March 2017

Lara Temple:  The Duke's Unexpected Bride

It all starts when a naughty pug runs away and a sketch that Sophie drawers in a garden
She had no idea desire could be beautiful,a threat and a promise...

My Review

I really liked this book and loved how the characters came together.

Sophie Trevelyan is from the country and staying with her Aunt Minnie, who has a very overweight dog called Marmaduke (or Duke) who is lazy and would rather stay on his pillow and he also likes Max's boots, (this will become clear further on in the book), but Sophie has other ideas.  Sophie like sketching and painting when ever she can and its through this that she meets the man she will love.

Max The Duke of Harcourt is in London and with the help of his sister Hetty is looking for a bride, through a chance encounter they are nearly knocked over by Marmaduke who has runaway from Sophie.  From here Sophie receives a mysterious gift and she encounters Max in the gardens from across the road from were her aunt lives.  (I don't want to give too much away this were Sophie gives Max a sketch who he gives to Hetty, Sophie also finds out that Hetty is Max's sister and also Sophie wants to paint Max).

We also meet Lord Wivenhoe, who meets Sophie and Max at the Royal Academy and we come to realise that Lord Wivenhoe and Max have known each before and that Max was engaged to Serena she died ten years ago. (I'm not going to say how she died, but what I will say is that Max and Lord Wivenhoe blame each other).

We also meet Lord Bryanston and Lord and Lady Cranworth who are friends of Max and Lord Bryanston likes to flirt with the ladies and Sophie which makes Max jealous.

Finally we meet Lord Morecombe who is Serena's father.  Who indulged his daughter very much and couldn't say no to her every demand.

I hope I have kept you guessing on what happens, but if I give to much away then this would spoil the story.  All I will say is that I would love to have pug named Marmaduke.

I give this book 5/5 stars

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