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Monday, 17 April 2017

Georgie Lee  The Secret Marriage Pact

This book is part of a series called The Business of Marriage, this is book 3, and the first time that I have read this author.

This is my favourite line from the book.  Besides, I got a little taste of you the other day and I liked what I sampled.

The Characters in the book are:

Jane Rathbone
Jasper Charlton
Milton Charlton
Philip Rathbone (Jane's brother)

Jane Rathbone, Jasper Charlton and his brother Milton Charlton Have known each since they were children and was often getting up to mischief and Jasper helped Jane get over the death of her parents when she 6 years old.  But at the age of 15 Jasper was sent to America to his Uncle Patrick (his mother's favourite brother), in Georgia, Savannah to learn the cotton trade (or had he), what Jasper learn't was something entirely different.

9 years later, Jane is at a auction and she spots Milton Charlton (who she was once engaged to and he left Jane to marry Camille Moseley), Jane then bids against Milton for a warehouse and wins and this were Jane is aware that Milton wasn't bidding for himself but for his brother and we now know that Jasper has returned from America and wanted the warehouse for a club.

This is were I'm not going into too much detail and the author takes us on journey of intrigue and that Jasper and Jane both have secrets that they need to share with one another.

I enjoyed the book but what I would say is maybe read the first 2 books first these are called:  A Debt Paid in Marriage and A Too Convenient Marriage.

I would give the book 4/5 stars

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