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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Katherine Garbera  Beyond the Limits

Its being a very long time since I read a Blaze, I had forgotten how spicy they were.  This one is HOT VERY VERY HOT.

This book is about two astronauts who are competing for the CRONUS mission, they want to be named to a crew they know will be going to space.  Because they know that despite all of the training, not all astronauts make it into a final mission to space. 

Who knew a gym could get spicy, well in Izzy's and Antonio case very spicy.

 Isabelle Wolsten or Izzy, has worked very hard to get were she is now and also with the help of her mother who worked a few jobs to get Izzy into the right schools.  Izzy had got to the academy on merit.

Antonio Curzon is from a moneyed background, he and Izzy knew each other eight years ago in the candidate training class, he then left NASA and gone into the Private Sector to join Space Now a company owned by a billionaire who was innovating outside of NASA.

I would recommend this book and if all Blaze books are like this one, then I will definitely be reading more of them.

I would give this book 5/5

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