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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Virginia Heath  A Warriner to Rescue Her

  If he'd had any breath left in his lungs, he probably would have screamed in agony.  All that came out instead was a weird hiss.

  Jamie thanks to his ancestors and over a decade of growing, he was now an ox of a man.  An ox of a man with a useless left leg.

This is book 2 in Virginia's Warriner Series.  Well were do I start I loved it as I knew I would from start to finish, it made me laugh and also made me cry, I love the way Virginia writes she makes you engage with the characters.

Jamie Warriner or as he said to Cassie Captain James Warriner, who fought Napoleon and was in prison for 6 months when he was shot at when he escaped the prison and from that he has a limp.  he also has a lot demons as well, he is afraid of the dark and has a lot of guns in his bedchamber and he doesn't like anyone going into his bedchamber.

  He comes across as being rude and abrupt but he doesn't mean to be underneath he has a good heart because he likes painting and drawing pretty things and he helps Cassie with her book, Jamie has a stallion called Satan or as Cassie has named him in her book Stanley.

Cassandra Reeves or Cassie, is the only daughter of Reverend Reeves (I will come onto Cassie's father is a minute), she is desperate to leave her father just like her mother did when she was a baby.  When Cassie get nervous she babbles a lot and she likes to write but she has to be careful because her father doesn't like it, and she also like to wear pretty things, like silk stockings and rose bud garters and she doesn't like being locked in confined spaces.

Jamie and Cassie meet when Cassie is stuck up a tree trying to get rosy red apples for her pony Orange Blossom, and all Jamie see is these pair of legs with silk stockings held up by rose bud garters.  Jamie does get Cassie from the tree but not in a graceful way.  From here Jamie helps Cassie with her children's book which is called Orange Blossom and the Great Apple Debacle, he does all the illustrations and they merge their names together with the help of Letty to Cassandra James.

Now I come onto Cassie's father The Reverend Reeves, who is the most horrid father that has ever existed, who treats Cassie as a servant, to do all the household chores and if she steps out of line then her father recites bible versus at her and locks her in her room.  He also doesn't like the Warriner's in his words he calls them, debaucher's, cheats, vile sinners and kidnapping.  He also says that those Warriners sound exactly like sort of people who could do with hearing the benefits of God's word, and also These Warriners are in desperate need of my guidance.

There is funny scene with Satan and Orange Blossom that gets a bit fruity by the river bank.

I will give this 5/5 stars.  I would love to give more stars. I absolutely loved this book.

I am now looking forward to the next Warriner book

This book is to buy at on 1 July 

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

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