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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Emily Forbes  Falling For The Single Dad (Hollywood Hills Clinic, Book 2)

I don't normally like medical romance books, but this one drew me in from the first chapter and loved it more as I continued reading.

Abi Thompson has a lot of trust issues and this goes back to her childhood were her mother became a alcoholic after Abi's father left when she was a baby, while she growing up Abi had to look after herself and at seventeen she joined the army and trained in the medical school and she is a specialist in plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

These skills became more viable when she was in Afghanistan and was helping other soldiers.  While in Afghanistan she meets Mark Farrington her Commanding Officer (you will find out that Mark was hiding a secret), and after a bomb goes off Abi tries to save Mark but unfortunately he dies and from this Abi has problems with anxiety and confidence and she is given a assistance dog called Jonty.

Damien Moore is a divorced father to a five year old little girl called Summer, he works at the Hollywood Hills Clinic.  The clinic is run by Freya and her brother James Rothsberg.  Damien is a surgeon who does plastic and reconstructive surgery on the Hollywood elite.

Damien also has problems with trust and this is because of his ex-wife Brooke a wannabe actress (you will find she puts her plans first and expects everybody to fall in with those plans).  She also tries to ruin the relationship with Damien and Abi.

I liked this book because it was different from all medical romances I have read in the past it forecast on the relationship of the characters, rather than medical terms, also in certain parts of the book it made cry and a little chuckle.

I would recommend this book and would give it 4/5

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