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Friday, 30 June 2017

Susan Stephens Brazilian Unleashed

This is book 4 in the Blood and Thunder series.  When Susan was writing this book she said she was jealous of the heroine and I can fully understand why, he is simply absolutely amazing.  (But I still have a soft spot for Diego).

I won't go into great detail because that will spoil the book.  As with all of Susan's Blood and Thunder books these are hot so if you don't like this type of book, then these are not for you.

Cesar is a world class polo player and he and his other Blood and Thunder team players also risk their lives doing vigilante work as well.  Cesar is a complex man (you find out why further in the book), who doesn't give or show emotion, but he is a man that when you are in any trouble then he will help. 

Mica Cunningham (or is she), needs Cesar help, with what I shall call a sticky situation.  Has been brought up by her abusive father and Mica needs to get away from him, and the only person who can help is Cesar.  From here if I reveal anymore then that spoils the book.

I have loved all the books in this series and I'm so looking forward to the new series.

The books in the Blood and Thunder Series are.

Christmas Tsar Book 1

Argentinian Billionaire Book 2

Spaniard Untamed Book 3

the new book is called.  Seducing The Princess (Royal Rebels Book 1) and is released on 11th August.

I can highly recommend this series they have been a absolute pleasure to read.

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