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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Carole Mortimer  Wicked Surrender

This is the second book in the Regency Sinners Series and like before this book is HOT, so if your not keen on this type of book, then this book is not for you.

I won't go into great detail because that will spoil the book, so I will give a little on the characters.

Lady Isabella Aston or Bella to her friends.  When Bella was thirteen her mother met and married Henry-Hal St Just and at the Christmas she met Hal's cousin Dante St Just, to Bella she fell in love or as some would call it infatuation.  I agree with Bella on this it is love.  Her life was then turned upside down at seventeen when her mother and Hal died when their sailing boat overturned and then she became the ward to The Duke and Duchess of Huntley Bella's Stepgrandfather and stepgrandmother.  (Bella's stepgrandmother does not make things easy for Bella and her mother).  This was also the time when Bella declared her love for Dante and after he rejected her, she agreed to marry Jeremy Aston she might not have loved him but she grew to love Jeremy in her own way and that's how it stayed until a year after Jeremy died Dante walked back into her life.

Dante St Just who hadn't had the best childhood, when his parents died he went to live with his aunt and uncle the Duke and Duchess of Huntley and it was the Duchess she sent Dante to school he was eight, he didn't go to the same school as his cousin Hal, one was sent to Eton and the other to Harrow.  As we know Dante met his friends who became the sinners.  (There is a twist in the story that If I reveal it, it then spoils the book).

From here I won't reveal anything else only that if you have read the first book then you will know that the sinners are looking for a lady spy.

With every book I'm loving the series even more and so looking forward to reading the rest.

The next book in the series Wicked Scandal (Regency Sinners Book 3).  This is were we meet Lord Sebastian Trentham Marquis of Deveril.  Look out for Sebastian in Book 2 he makes a very short appearance.

As before I can highly recommend this book, as you know I'm a big fan of Carole's work and have loved all off her books.

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