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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Carole Mortimer  Wicked Scandal Regency Sinners Book 3

My Review

As we now know from the previous books the Sinners are looking for the lady who is working for Napoleon against the crown this past year.

Well what can I say the fabulous Carole has done it again, I just loved this book.  If you like hot steamy books then this is for you.

I just adored Devil he is strong and very handsome, their is one other thing that I loved about Devil is that he feel in love at first sight, its such a shame that Alys didn't know at the time.  but we will get to that in a bit.

Alys is the much loved daughter of Sir Peter Newcomb (she does have a brother I will get to him later).  To me Alys is a strong woman and very caring.  Devil first meets Alys when she was seventeen but because of the age difference he feels that Alys should make up her own mind and in the mean time Devil goes into business with her father.  Until one night when Devil was staying at Newcomb Manor something happened to Sir Peter and for three years Alys blamed Devil.

So now three years later Devil is back at Newcomb Manor because he has being invited to a hunting party by Alys brother Teddy.  As we know Devil is there not for the hunting but to find out if Alys is the spy working with Napoleon.  When Alys finds out that Devil has been invited she isn't too pleased with her brother.  But things start to happen that bring Devil and Alys together.  

Now I come to the one person that I didn't like and that is Teddy who only thinks about money and nothing else not even his sister who he is absolutely vile to.  Unbeknown to Devil and Alys, Teddy has hatched a plan that will give him something that he constantly craves and that is money, he caught Devil and Alys in her bedchamber in a compromising way and demand that they get married but only when Devil gives him the money. 

Last of all we have a character that had a small part (but already I'm looking forward to his book), and that is Lord Maximilian Smythe the Earl of Carlton or Maxim who has brought the special licence from Prinny.  While Maxim is at Newcomb Manor a rather awkward situation arises were Maxim has to hold back Devil from punching Teddy (I really wish he had hit him).  But like with all baddies they get there comeuppance.

Because I loved the book I never got round to introducing the characters properly, so we have Devil or Sebastian Trentham Marquis of Deveril, Miss Alys Newcomb and her brother Edward Newcomb or Teddy.

I also found that there was a lot of humour and because Devil didn't hit Teddy I so wished I could have done that for the vile things he said about his sister.  As always I can highly recommend this book and will give it 5/5 stars.

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