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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Caroline  Linden  A Rakes Guide To Seduction 


He Must Rely On His Talents In The Bedroom... 

Anthony Hamilton cannot help it. The way he looks, the way he lives, his past--it all conspires to make him a man men fear, women desire. His name fills gossip circles in a seemingly endless, lurid drama. But he's never forgotten the only woman he's ever truly wanted--yet could never have. . . 

To Make Her Fall In Love. . .

Celia Reece knew Anthony well before he forged his scandalous reputation. The young man she remembers spoke kindly to her, made her laugh, and his devilish good looks always quickened her pulse. But Celia's mother had other designs--designs that didn't include marriage to Anthony. Now, Celia is widowed, and her mother is intent on finding her a new husband. Refusing to let any obstacle stand in his path this time, Anthony sets out to win Celia's heart by using the same skills that made him London's most irresistible rake... 

My Thoughts

This book was first released in 2008 and is being reissued, I have read many of Caroline's other books but this is the first time that I have read this book.  I can recommend this book I found it a enjoyable read.

In society Anthony Hamilton is known as a rake and a gambler and sometimes he likes the wealthy widows and matrons.  I found Anthony to have a kind heart and when he finds love he gives it wholeheartedly, its such a shame his father never saw any of this, to society Anthony's father never repudiated his wife or son, but in private it was a whole different story.  Anthony and his mother spent most of their time away from Linley Court and Anthony was asked to leave three schools for fighting and once for cheating a professor at cards.  

Throughout the book I was always routing for Anthony I could see the good in him, when most people was always trying to discredit him.

When we first meet Celia she is enjoying her season, gossiping with friends and dancing with young men.  She has known Anthony before when she younger and he was friends with her brother David, but because Rosalind Celia's mother didn't like him, he wasn't allowed back at the family home.  Then at the ball after Lord Euston made a rather impromptu offer of marriage, and Anthony comes to Celia's rescue.

So from here the story then changes Celia marries Bertie and for four years her marriage isn't what she thought it would be, especially when Bertie's friends visit and Celia is then left with her father in law, who only wants to have a grandson to keep the family name going.  But when Bertie dies Rosalind brings Celia back to the family home.

Which is were she meets Anthony again, because Rosalind has arranged to have a house party.  Rosalind comes across as very caring but she is trying to hard with Celia, and of course she still doesn't like Anthony.  But that does change and for the better.

There was one character that I did like and that's Lord Warfield Anthony's uncle.  He is constantly standing up for Anthony much to Rosalind's annoyance.  But in the end Rosalind agrees that Anthony is a good man, and even Rosalind and Lord Warfield start to like each other.

I would give this book 4/5 stars, and can be purchased at Amazon.

I recieved this book from Netgalley for a honest review.   


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