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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Jess Michaels The Broken Duke


Adelaide Longford is London’s most overlooked bluestocking wallflower and that is fine by her. Being ignored gives her the perfect opportunity to sneak out and secretly take on the persona of the most celebrated actress of the day, Lydia Ford. The thrill of walking the boards and hearing the applause of those who watch her is the most exciting experience of her life. 

Until Graham Everly, Duke of Northfield comes into her life. He is broken after the humiliating loss of his longtime fiancĂ© to his supposed best friend and they enter into a lusty affair which sets her body on fire. Graham has no idea why he’s so attracted to both the bespectacled, prickly Adelaide and the passionate Lydia, but soon he is caught in a dance with them both and torn between which future he wants to pursue. 

When Graham finds out Adelaide’s secret identity will he be able to accept both parts of her? And will he be able to save her from a lurking danger that neither of them could have ever foreseen?

My Thoughts

I am a big fan of Jess's books, and I can highly recommend this one, from start to finish I adored reading it.  Well it must have been good because I read it in one day.  As with all of Jess's books they are HOT and if you are not of fan of these type of books then you won't like this one.

My Review

As you know Graham Everly the Duke of Northfield is part of the 1797 club a brotherhood of dukes with very bad fathers.  Well what can I say about Graham apart from that he is very handsome, but he also feels betrayed by his friend Simon who has just recently married Meg, who was Graham's ex-fiancee and he is also carrying baggage from his childhood and he feels that he is like his father (which he isn't), his father was a monster.  

Graham didn't have a good relationship with his father, he was a brute and bully, he liked nothing more that stubbing out cigars and breaking Graham arm, and his father was very handy with his fists and thought the only way to toughen Graham up was by using his fists either on Graham or his mother.  But when Graham was seven he accidentally broke a dish and that's when the monster really came out Graham's mother through herself in front of Graham and she was the one that his beat to death, but because his father was a duke and to the out side world he came across as a decent man, he said his wife died from a sudden illness.  So that is when Graham was sent to school and from there he met Simon and James and the rest of his close friends.  There is also a other reason why Graham feels he turning into his father but that will spoil the book so I won't talk about that.

Well what can I say about the lovely Adelaide apart from leading a double life.  As Adelaide she is a wallflower and wears spectacles has her hair severely tied up and wears the most horrid gowns and she also doesn't have any confidence (she does really but it takes her a little while to figure that out).  So at night she transforms into Lydia Ford who is a actress but nobody at the theatre knows that she is Lady Adelaide Longford, been Lydia has made feel confident, powerful and free.  

Adelaide also lives with the most horrible Aunt I have ever had the misfortune to read, normally aunties are warm and loving always their to give kisses and cuddles, Adelaide's Aunt Opal would rather stick a knife into your back.  When you read about Aunt Opal you then understand why Adelaide leads a double life (who can blame her).  There is also reason why Aunt Opal is so mean but again I'm not going to say what that is.  

Then we come to the night when Graham's and Adelaide lives change forever.  Graham goes to the theatre with his friends and from the moment he sees Lydia on the stage he is drawn to her and wants to meet her.  Its from here that Adelaide has to protect her secret even more and she also keeps the secret from her best friend Emma the Duchess of Abernathe who is married to James, Graham's best friend.  Adelaide knows who Graham is because she has seen him at balls but he never notices her because she is normally with the other wallflowers.  

As with all good books we have a baddie (and you thought Aunt Opal was the baddie on one hand your right but we have an other), and his name is Sir Archibald who has a connection to Emma, he also likes using his fists.  From here I really can't mention much more other than Graham and Adelaide help Melinda and Toby who also work at the theatre.

As I said before I can highly recommend this book and I would definitely give it 5/5 stars.  The book is released on 12th September and can be purchased from Amazon.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.



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