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Monday, 21 August 2017

Sarah Mallory Pursued For the Viscount's Vengeance


Beneath that puritanical dress she was quite beautiful
Viscount Gilmorton had never seduced a woman before but, as the only way to avenge himself on her deceitful brother, he was prepared to disgrace the buttoned-up Deborah Meltham.
He was planning nothing more than to shame her, but not beyond repair. Gil would ensure that she came to him willingly, because if Deborah was as lonely as he thought, she should be receptive to him. Only Gil hadn’t counted on his feelings for her changing – nor her reaction when she realised he’d been deceiving her from the start…

My Thoughts

I absolutely loved reading this book, this is the first time that I have read one of Sarah's books and it won't be the last.  I will definitely be reading more of Sarah's books.  I will say a little on Gil and Deborah.

When we first meet Gil or as he is really called James August Victor Laughton ninth Viscount Gilmorton.     Is at a ball watching Deborah dance with her brother Randolph Lord Kirkster from the sideline of the dance floor and his first thought at seeing Deborah is that he thought her a dowd and not all attractive, and so Gil puts his revenge into place by seducing Deborah and then dropping her.

Gil's revenge is centred around that his brother and his sister have died and is convinced that Randolph has something to do with it.  So for two weeks Gil has been staying at a Inn in Falbridge and is going by the name of Mr. James Victor, but his valet John Harris who was Gil's sergeant in the army isn't happy about Gil's plan and wasn't afraid to voice his opinion.

At first I wasn't to sure of Gil but the more I read the more I got to like him at first he comes across as being angry and that I can forgive but underneath that hard exterior he does have a loving heart and that's what I loved about Gil.  but there two things that Gil won't do and that's (1) fall in love and (2) get married.  Well that all changes when he meets Deborah.

Ah the lovely Deborah who is well respected in Falbridge and is always helping doing charitable errands and visiting neighbours.  There is one person who Deborah is trying to help and that's her brother Randolph who has just moved to Falbridge she is desperate to get him away from his friends who have lead him to drink and drugs.  But Randolph is having non of it and keeps fighting her all the way. 

To some people Deborah may come across as being to meek and lets people walk all over her, well I disagree Deborah to me is a strong and feisty woman and fights to get what she wants.  when Deborah was younger she eloped with a young man who wasn't what she thought he was and through this Deborah has been left badly scarred, and also Deborah is determined that she won't fall in love or get married.

Along the way you will meet one of Randolph's friends Sir Sidney Warslow from here I can't say anymore because Sidney does have a connection to Gil which makes things very difficult.

I will give this book 5/5 stars and as I said before I can highly recommend this book.  This book is released on 1st September and can be purchased from Amazon.

I received this book from the author for a honest review.

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