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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Before I do my review, I have got to apologise to my friend and wonderful author Carole, for not getting the review done when Deryk was released.  

As promised Carole here is your review.

My Review

As you know this book 2 in the Dragon Heart Series.  Again in these books if you don't like the sexual content and explicit language, then please don't buy these books.

Now what can I say about Deryk apart from being seriously hot and gorgeous.  Deryk has a temper to the point were two of his brother's Grigor and Bryn had to lock Deryk in the dungeons, not just for his safety but for other peoples safety as well.

As you could gather Deryk didn't take too kindly to been locked up, (well you wouldn't would you), but it was the only way.  So Grigor informs Deryk that he sending him to Russia on a diplomatic mission with Bryn, as expected Deryk doesn't take kindly to this news, (Grigor told him this while he was locked up in the dungeon).

If you have read the previous book then you will remember that the brothers are looking for their mates, otherwise they turn into there dragon and turn feral, and he would need to be killed with his own sword.  When Deryk and Bryn arrive at the castle, straight away Deryk smells his mate when goes to his bedchamber. 

So this leads me onto the lovely Izabella Mikhailova or Izzi, who is strong and Deryk finds that Izzi won't give in to his demands easily.  Izzi has grown up under the protection of the Russian dragons, because her parents and past generations of her family have worked for them and in return for this, they are paying for Izzi to attend University which she is studying law.

Now from here I can't reveal to much, so what I will say is Izzi has two friends Pyotr and Tanya Petrov who are brother and sister.  Tanya also works for Vlad and Pyotr is at Uni with Izzi.

I was pleased that Chloe made appearance, and she was still teasing Deryk much to his annoyance.  But underneath he loves her, but don't tell Chloe that she would really tease him.

Towards the end of the book, I have a feeling that Vlad and Tanya are going to get their own story, because something has gone on with them.  All I will say is I hope so.

As always I loved the book and will give it 5/5 stars, this series is getting better and better.

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The next book in the series is Bryn's and is up for pre-order and is released on 22nd December, just in time for Christmas.

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