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Monday, 2 October 2017

Lara Temple  Lord Hunter's Cinderella Heiress

This is Lara's first book in the Wild Lords and Innocent Ladies Series for Mills and Boon Historical.

In this new series we meet three friends who are Lord Hunter, Lord Ravenscar and Lord Stanton, these friends have known each other since they were at school, they also got a reputation for wild living and accepting any sporting dares.  In society they became known as The Wild Hunt Club.

My Review

This is my second book that I have read for Lara, I am getting to know  her style of writing, I also like how you can feel empathy with the characters.  In this book it was definitely the case.

What I loved about this book, is that both characters had issues they had to contend with.  Firstly Helen or Nell has her friends like to call her, there is one thing that Nell loves more than anything and that is horses give her confidence and is not afraid to take a challenge, she is also a very accomplished horsewoman even though at this time she is only seventeen.

Even though Nell has confidence with her horses, the same can't be said for the people that she lives with her father Sir Henry Tinley, I say father in a small way, because he would rather see his daughter being bullied by Aunt Hester, he does not stand up to Aunt Hester, even though they have guests.  But luckily Nell does stand up to Aunt Hester and I cheered for her.

Now I come onto Hunter who at the time of first meeting Nell, he was going through a lot of issues, but he is a man who is loyal to his friends.  In the book even though Nell is young I thought Hunter was attracted to Nell from the beginning, and he was also very impressed with her riding ability and so because of the challenge he buys Petra and Pluck, and he also witnesses Nell go from someone being bullied to a woman who finally stands up to Aunt Hester.

All that happened four years ago in 1816 and now its 1820 and Nell is now a heiress and she on her way to Hunter's residence, because even though she cut her father and her Aunt from her life, her father did something four years earlier that one Hunter has forgotten and two Nell had no idea until she received a letter from her father.  All I will say now is that we find out what Hunter's issues are and the main one is guilt and he has terrible nightmares.

I thoroughly loved this book and can highly recommend it.  The next book in the series is Lord Ravenscar's Innocent Betrothal.  I'm looking forward to this book because I found Ravenscar a cheeky character.

Hunter's book is available to buy on 1st November and can be purchased from Amazon.

I received this ARC from the author in return for a honest review.

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