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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Book Review


His sinful desert seduction…
Sheikh Ilyas al-Razim was born to be king. He won’t let anything stand in his way, especially not the waitress daring to think she can blackmail him! It’s his duty to protect his family’s honour—even if it means taking impossibly stunning Maggie Delaney as his hostage…
Beneath the starlit skies of Zayrinia’s desert, defiant Maggie convinces Ilyas she is innocent of his accusations. No longer his prisoner, Maggie is free to return home…yet now she’s held captive by their smouldering raw desire! Dare she surrender to the pleasure this desert prince promises?

My review

If your a fan of Carol's books, like I am then you are going to love this book.  I mean who doesn't love a sheikh, for me its the robes and imagining what his body looks like under them (sigh).  Sorry about that my mind wonder off.

Both as you can gather Ilyas and Maggie come from different worlds, Ilyas is the son and heir of the king and Maggie from the age of seven has been in foster care.

Even though Ilyas was brought up with all the riches in the world his childhood wasn't a happy one, he was taught from a young age, that he would be king, and it became even difficult when his brother Hazin was born, because they weren't brought up as brothers, but mainly as strangers.  

From what I read about Ilyas parents, I found them to be cold towards their sons and never encouraged them to play together or have a close bond like brothers should.

Now Maggie did have a lovely childhood and was loved by her mother, but that all changed when Maggie was seven and she had to be put into foster care.  But her mother did leave her some money, which Maggie received when she was twenty-one and she was told in a letter to go and see the world.

As I was reading about Maggie, I found her to be strong and yes she was cynical and she came across as defensive, but you would be having spent so much time in foster care.

From here I won't reveal to much, but lets just say from Maggie meeting Hazin, in what I will call a rather unfortunate circumstance, Ilyas then takes it upon himself to kidnap Maggie.

Please don't fooled into thinking that Ilyas, doesn't have a heart because he does, and he makes Maggie realise that there are people who care for her a lot.

So for me I will give this book 4/5 stars.

The book is on pre-order at and is released on 1st December.

I received this book from Netgalley, for the Mills and Boon Insiders.  In return for a honest review.

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