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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Book Review


Rachel Montgomery’s family doesn’t think she can change—but she’s going to prove them wrong…

What could be more out of character for overly-cautious Rachel than moving sight unseen to the small town of Birch Valley to become the principal of the town’s only elementary school? When she arrives late on her first day, she realizes no one was expecting her, leading to conflict with the staff—and particularly with one handsome, emerald-eyed fourth grade teacher.

Liam O’Brien’s life is simple and easygoing, just the way he likes it—until he shows up for school following the holiday break…

Not only is his new boss the rude woman who stole his parking spot, she’s highly motivated to switch things up in his very traditional school, and Liam is not a fan of change. His inexplicable attraction to the petite blonde complicates matters, as Rachel is adamant that she didn’t move all the way to Birch Valley to get involved in any kind of romance.

But as conflicts are resolved, family ties might draw Liam and Rachel together…

Rachel discovers Liam’s family is loving and supportive, particularly his mother Mary—unlike Rachel’s own mother. She bonds with his brothers and his sister Maggie, and it almost seems too good to be true. 

Can they work through their differences and compromise enough to build a lasting relationship? 

Or will Rachel be unable to let her guard down long enough to take a chance on…

Loving Liam

My Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like growing up in a big close family.  If the answer is yes then this book is for you, imagine the programme The Waltons, well this is Liam's family but only just slightly smaller.

Liam is a teacher at the local elementary school, and his two brothers Patrick who is widowed with two twin boys and Daniel who is single like Liam, both Patrick and Daniel work at the family construction firm.

Lastly we have Maggie who is the baby of the family, she is married to Michael who is working hard to get a partnership in the law firm that he works for, they have one daughter Melanie...but Maggie isn't happy and is wanting more, when I mean more nothing monetary, she loves her husband, daughter and they have a nice life in Seattle.  Its mainly adult conversation and having a job.

So that is just a taster on Liam's brothers and sister, we will get to know them in their books.

Well what can I say about Rachel, at first I thought I wasn't going to like her, but then when you read about her childhood and compare to Liam's its quite sad really.

So Rachel is from a well off family, her father is a plastic surgeon and her mother lives off her alimony, her parents divorced when she was young.  Rachel has a older brother called Ethan who is a doctor.

So I hear you say, how do these two people get together, Rachel moves to Birch Valley from California, who is the new principal of the elementary school were Liam works. 

Now from here I can't go into great detail, but Liam's mum is a big character and so is Chelsea, Rachel's best friend.

All I will say is I can highly recommend this book.  In places the book made me laugh and made me cry, because I really felt for Rachel when Liam wasn't been very nice to her.

I am so looking forward to reading what happens to his brothers and sister.

I will give this 5/5 stars.  The book is available to buy from all outlets and Amazon.

I received this book from the author, in return for a honest review.                                                    

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