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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Book Review

My Review

The fabulous Carole has done it again, this book was a absolute joy to read,  from start to finish.  

With Carole's books if you are not a fan of explicit language and sexual content, then these books are not for you.

As we have found with the previous books, the sinners haven't found the lady spy, but they have found love.

So now its down Maximillian Smythe, the Earl of Carlton, to find the lady spy.  But there is one problem with the name he has picked.

The lady in question is Lady Heather Smythe, Dowager Countess of Carlton, who is his step-mother and mother to his half brother Ralph.

Maxim is a troubled man, who carries a lot of secrets and because of these secrets he lost the  woman he loved six years ago.  But at the time Maxim didn't know he was in love.  That is until he sees Heather again and eventually she breaks through his barriers.

Heather was nineteen and she had just found out she was pregnant.  So to keep the gossips at bay and to give the baby a name, Heather married Maxim's father.  Please don't think bad of Heather she was very young and Maxim was fighting in the war and to give his some credit he try to look for Maxim, before he married Heather.

Now from here I can't go into great detail, I wounder if you have got the connection yet between Ralph and Maxim???  Also we have a little introduction to Lord Jericho Black the Marquis of Wessex, his book is book 5 in the series.

I will give this book 5/5 stars and if you are fan of Carole's books then I know you will love it as much as I did.

This book is available to buy from amazon.

The next book is Wicked Captive (Regency Sinners 5), this book is available for pre-order at Amazon and is released 14th February 2018.  

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