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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Book Review

I have just announced our betrothal’
Now there’s no going back…
In this Brides for Bachelors story, the Marquess of Rawcliffe has always found his childhood friend Clare Cottam enthralling, but any relationship has been forbidden by her strict father. Now the couple are embroiled in a heated argument that puts Clare’s reputation in danger, and Rawcliffe is forced to declare her his fiancĂ©e. It will be his pleasure to tame his independent, innocent bride…

Oh my days who would have thought that Zeus, had a childhood sweetheart and had fallen in love on sight with Clare, who at the time had just emerged from a pond dripping wet, because she had been saving a sack of puppies.

Now the only thing wrong is that Clare didn't know that Zeus was in love with her, she thought he was joking with her, I mean could you take anyone seriously when they are laughing at you and then propose marriage, no I didn't think so.  But what Zeus didn't know was that Clare who was sixteen at the time was in love with him.

So as you would gather, the young love didn't progress further, but it would be a number of years later when Zeus would find out the truth.

I really shouldn't keep calling the Marquess of Rawcliffe Zeus, but for me I think the name suits him.  If you have read the first book then you will know how Zeus and his friends got their names.

So when Clare and Zeus meet again, Clare now is on her way to employment organised by her brother Clement, who is a clergy man.  Now Clare doesn't have one brother she has two older brothers, and would they take her in when there father died oh no, even the new reverend who took over the vicarage turfed out.

So its at a inn that Zeus and Clare meet again.  But things don't go to plan.  Now from here I don't want to reveal too much only that Clare punches Zeus on the nose and from here again Zeus proposes and Clare has no choice but to accept.

Clare is wonderful, and I loved how she can stick up for herself especially with Zeus, now underneath that hard exterior Zeus does have a heart, and it was so lovely seeing the man he becomes.

I loved every second of this book and it was a great sequel, and I'm so looking forward to the next book.  If you liked reading the first book then you will love this one.

I will give this book 5/5 stars.  The book is on pre-order and is available to buy from 25th January at Amazon and all other retailers.

I received this ARC from the author, in return for a honest review.

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