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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Book Review

DYLAN is the 4th book in USA Today Bestselling and Amazon #1 Bestselling Indie Author, Carole Mortimer’s, paranormal series, DRAGON HEARTS.

Author’s Note: Beware of very sexy alpha dragon shifters on the hunt for their fates mates! 

Waking up in a curtained cubicle in a human hospital wasn’t the worst experience Dylan had ever had in his centuries-long existence, but it was certainly not something he would ever have expected to happen. As a dragon shifter, human ailments didn’t bother him, and if he was ever injured then transforming into his dragon would heal him. Besides, he and his brothers had always avoided human hospitals because the doctors there had a habit of carrying out tests and asking for X-rays that would clearly tell them the Pendragon brothers weren’t human.

Opening his eyes to find his fated mate bending over him, his human fated mate, was even more of a shock. Yes, three of his brothers had found their fated mates in the past year, and they had all been human, but Dylan had never thought it would happen to him too.

Holly Barnes wasn’t only human, the name tag attached to her white coat said she was also a doctor. And the singular most beautiful woman Dylan had ever seen, with her glossy auburn hair, dark green eyes, and voluptuous body.

A & E doctor, Holly Wilson, didn’t know what to make of her newest patient. Apart from the fact he was the most gorgeous and sexy man she had ever set eyes on. He was also extremely tall, over six and a half feet of dark and dangerous bad boy, if her assessment was correct. But she hadn’t been able to find any visible injuries on him when she examined that ripped and toned body, no head injury or anything else to explain why he had been unconscious when he was brought in to A&E. He looked perfectly normal to her, almost as if he was sleeping, rather than injured.

Having him suddenly raise his eyelids and look at her with glittering blue eyes, that didn’t appear fevered or pained, but gazed up at her as if she was Christmas, birthdays, and every other holiday celebration combined, was more than a little unnerving. Even more so was having his fingers curl like steel bands about her wrist and have him call her his fated mate.
Holly had enough problems in her life right now without some crazy man telling her she now belonged to him. Even if he did look like a Greek or Roman god and made her knees go weak.

Until Dylan knew what had happened to put him in the human hospital in the first place, he knows he shouldn’t even think about claiming Holly as his mate.

Staying away from his fated mate altogether proves impossible, but is Dylan putting Holly’s life in danger by continuing to seek her out at every opportunity? 

As you know if you have been following the series of not why not, this has been a great series so far.  For me I cannot recommend this series highly enough.

This is book 4 and this time we are following Dylan, who I would talk a little about, but this time I'm going to talk about his fated mate Dr Holly Wilson.

Holly is a level headed woman, which she is...but she is also strong, because not only has she looked after herself but she has brought up her younger sister Gayle, since their parents died.  Now Gayle is young and over the years has got way with things, I should also point out Gayle is very good with computers, and this time has done something which brings two characters from The Alpha series into this series.

So the two characters are Gregori Marovic from Midnight Alpha (Alpha 4), and Nikolai Volkov from Warrior Alpha (alpha 6) and if you remember he is Gregori's bodyguard.  And the reason these two characters are back is because Gayle has taken some money from Gregori bank account.

When I read that my jaw hit the floor, its a good job I wasn't drinking my tea, it would have gone everywhere.  It was wonderful too see two of my characters back even though it was for a short while.

So for me I will give this book 5/5 stars.  You can now buy the book at Amazon and all other retailers.

The next book is Gregor and is on pre-order at Amazon and is released on 25th may.

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