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Friday, 30 March 2018

Book Review

Marry me…
…And you’ll have your freedom.’
Her father’s will dictates that Violet Harper must wed or be disinherited—but she’d rather face the wilderness of the wintry Yorkshire moors than be bound to cynical, damaged soldier Lance Amberton. Lance promises a marriage of convenience that will grant Violet her independence. In exchange she must put her faith in Lance, and see beyond his gruff exterior to the man beneath…

I absolutely adored this book, from start to finish and I make no apologises if its gushing or if the review is long.

When we was younger our parents made we was secure and loved and then at a certain age we was allowed to fly the nest and was encouraged to make friends.

So imagine a life were you had no friends and had never walked in snow or was never allowed to read certain books.  No I can't imagine a life like that either, but this was the life of Violet Harper, since her mother passed away when she was a little girl, her father controlled every part of her life.

Violet's father is such a bully, that if I could I would have smacked in the face, normally I'm not a violent person, but he really made angry in how he treated Violet and all Violet wanted was freedom.

From first meeting Lance, I loved him, yes he had problems with his father.  But for me I found Lance to be strong and he is the type of person who you want in your corner if anything goes wrong.

Yes at first Violet is timid, but she has the biggest heart and with Lance's help he helps her to fly, this truly was a love story that will stay with me for a long time.

I really want to give more stars, but sadly I can only give 5/5 stars.

The book is available to buy from Amazon UK and from all other retailers.

I received this ARC from the author in return for a honest review.

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