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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Book Review

Tempted by the forbidden Prince!
If only it wasn’t a very unsuitable match…
Russian Royals of Kuban story: Lady Dove Sanford-Wallis dreams of a fairy-tale romance – until her first Season quashes her hopes of a love match. Sinfully attractive Prince Illarion isn’t anything like the man she’s expected to marry. But when he sweeps her onto the dancefloor, Dove is struck by an illicit longing she knows should only be satisfied in the marriage bed!

This book was brilliant a definite page turner.  This is book 2 in this series.

From a very young age Dove has been schooled in how marvellous the season was...but the reality was it didn't live up to the dream that Dove had envisaged.  At first I thought Dove was being ungrateful, but then I remembered that at some point we have all being told how brilliant a party or celebration is going be, and when you get their its a big disappointment.  So in that regard I could sympathise with Dove.

I got the impression that Dove was already bored and she wanted something exciting to happen, well it did in the most dramatic fashion Prince Illarion makes his entrance, and lets just say that Dove is a little taken aback, but a little excited at the same time, especially when he dances with Dove.

What I did like, was the way that Illarion made Dove realise that she didn't have to do what her parents wanted her do and that was marry someone, who wouldn't give Dove the freedom, to pursue her drawing.

Illarion is a man who is very loyal to his friends, but underneath is a man who has to deal with tragedy, and while he's helping Dove, she helps Illarion and its through this that they are attracted to each other.

I will give this book 5/5 stars.  The book is available to buy from Amazon UK and all other retailers. 

I received a complementary copy from the author, in return for a honest review. 

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