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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Book Review

Welcome to a London Gaming Hell like no other. A place where anonymity is your security—no names, no faces, no strings. But that doesn’t mean no surprises . . .

Kristen Vayden is a new author to me, and she is one that I will definitely be reading again.

The book starts with Lucas Mayfield, the eighth Earl of Heightfield.  Who is bored and decides to open a gaming hell with his two friends as you do.  Now the difference between his gaming hell to all the others, Lucas gaming hell will have complete anonymity and the name he decides on is Temptation.

Which is also the place Liliah decides to go.  Mainly because she wants to have freedom and meet a man of her choosing...but her father has different ideas and that is he wants her to marry her friend Meyer.  Now for Liliah and Meyer this would be a marriage with no love and no children.  As Liliah said we are friends there is no love between us.  So Liliah comes up with a plan, and lets just say this doesn't quite work out how she planned.

They were a few things that I liked, one being the banter between Lucas and Heathcliff, yes that is his name, its alright I kept expecting Kathy to appear.  This for me kept the book moving along without you getting bored or restless with the characters.

So overall this was a enjoyable read and looking forward to reading more from this author.

I will give 5/5 stars.  The book is on pre-order at Amazon UK  and the book is published on 28th August.

I received this complementary copy in return for a honest review.

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