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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Vision of Danger by Wendy Vella

A wounded hero living in the dark…

Wounded war hero Captain Wolf Sinclair has recovered physically from the hell he endured fighting for his country, but in his head, he still exists in the dark. Living among a big, boisterous family allows him somewhere to hide, until the day Rose Abernethy storms into his life. 
She challenges him, makes him feel again. 
Soon he’s addicted to her touch, and her kisses have him wanting more. But danger stalks her, and Wolf realizes he must keep her safe because in Rose he’s found someone to bring him into the light.

Is she the one to bring him into the light…

Rose is a runaway. The life she’d always known changed with the death of her aunt, and she was forced to flee Scotland. She chose the big city of London to hide in. But hiding isn’t an option when your life is in danger, and the big, handsome Captain Sinclair becomes your guardian angel. 
She battles her growing need for the man who is from a different world. A world where money and status are everything. 

The closer she gets to him, the more she realizes he’s fighting demons, and Rose knows that helping him heal is important to her, especially as she’s given him her heart.

Ms Vella is an other of my go authors, you know the ones you just click buy or pre-order without reading the blurb first, because you know that the book will be great.

Don't you love it when you love the H/H from the instant you meet them in book.  when I was introduced to Wolfe and Rose I instantly connected with them.  Rose is just fabulous, she is strong,feisty and stubborn, and that stubbornness comes out when Wolfe is telling Rose what she can and can't do, and Rose just ignores him, and I can imagine the look on Wolfe's face and for me I kept chuckling because that is something I would do.

Wolfe oh my gosh he is just gorgeous...but on the inside he dealing with what he had to endure during the war.  Even though Wolfe has a loving family, he feels that he can't share his thoughts...but over time with the help of Rose, he starts opening up to his family.  Again this made me like Wolfe all the more, and made the character believable.

Even though this is book 5, I found you can read this as a standalone, but at some point I will be buying the other books in the series.

I really would love to give more than 5/5 stars, and for me this is a must read. 

I received this book from the author in return for a honest review, all thoughts are my own.

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