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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Mills and Boon Medical

Annie Claydon  Saved By The Single Dad

This is the first book that I have read of Annie's.  This book was heart warming and that even when you've have had some rough times romance will always win.

Jack Halliday is a single dad to his four year old daughter Ellie, when he isn't looking after her, he works as a paramedic.

Jack has had a lot to deal with his father died when he was twelve and Ellie's mum died in very unfortunate circumstances.  But through all this Jack comes across as very warm and caring and utterly adores Ellie and I would love to have Jack as friend.

Cassandra Clarke or Cass as she is always called (apart from Ellie), is a fire fighter, but there is one thing that she would dearly love to have and that's a family of her own, her partner left her because she couldn't get pregnant.  I also would like Cass as friend as well.

Cassandra and Jack meet for the first time when the village were Cass lives is flooded and Jack and his work partner Mimi get into difficulties and Cass helps Jack to safety.  We find out that Cass's sister is in the final stages of her pregnancy and is very stubborn over that she is not in labour and refuses to go the hospital.  (lets just say Jack and Cass has a role to play over this).  I won't reveal anymore but look out for Miss Palmer and Martin the vicar.

All in all I loved the book and I would read Annie's books again and I can highly recommend this book.

I received this book for a honest review.

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