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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Book Review


A house exchange between two single men leads to a romantic new life for both of them.

Oliver and Kyle live thousands of miles apart, but each needs a break from his current life and love. Enter the Cloud B&B website, a wonderful new way to exchange homes for the holiday. They both muster their courage, and decide to visit another continent for Christmas.

In the UK, Oliver has been pining after his neighbour for far too long, living his comfortable but quiet life in a town in the New Forest. When his crush moves on in the worst possible way, Oliver is seduced by the chance to stay in fun-loving, sunny Miami.

In Miami, Kyle is a club owning workaholic, who suddenly discovers the man he lives with has been unfaithful. Yet again. As consolation, Kyle is tempted to see first hand the picturebook charm of the New Forest in winter.

Both of them find not just a new setting but a new romance. Oliver makes a big effort to shed his inhibitions and meets a musician, Mark, who plays in the Florida bars, and who may be just as cautious and polite as Oliver in making the first move.
And while Kyle’s trying to come to terms with England’s very different culture—and food!—he’s charmed by Oliver’s best friend Edward, who’s bold and sexy, but secretive.

Will Oliver take the leap of faith and encourage a lover who can and will give the commitment he deserves? And will Kyle find a man who can be loyal and also offer Kyle the family life he needs?

But perhaps more importantly—when Christmas is over, can a new life survive?

My thoughts

Liam is a new author to me, he asked me if I would like to review his book, of course I said yes.  Don't you just love reading new authors, mainly they are taking you on different journey to one that you are used to, and sometimes its refreshing to read a new author. 

My Review

This was a great book to read, and I can thoroughly recommend it.  For me Liam caught the magic of Christmas with also the just right amount sexual tension, you knew what was going to happen without being told and it was lovely to read.  They was also some what I call chuckle moments, which lifted the book.

I cannot express how I much I loved reading this book.  All I can say is I will definitely be reading a lot more of Liam's books.

I will give this book 5/5 stars and this book is available to buy from Amazon.

I received this ARC copy from the author, in return for a honest review.


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