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Monday, 12 March 2018

Book Review

Every woman wants to marry him…
But what if he's already taken?
In this Matches Made in Scandal story Jean-Luc Bauduin, Parisian society’s most eligible bachelor, is determined only to take a wife of his choosing. And until that day comes he’ll ward off his admirers by hiring Lady Sophia Acton to wear his ring! The passion Jean-Luc shares with his convenient bride is enormously satisfying—until he discovers Sophia’s utterly scandalous past!

This is book 2 and this time The Procurer who as we know is a mysterious lady, has been contacted by Jean-Luc for a assignment, that will take the lady to Paris.  So The Procurer is visiting Lady Sophia Acton, who has her own secrets, these secrets are explained later in the book.

I loved how Marguerite transported me to the delights of Paris, I've never been and it sounded fantastic.  We also learn of a tragedy that will change Jean-Luc.

I must also say as well, that I loved how Sophia and Jean-Luc were with each other, and especially when all the secrets were finally revealed.  That's when I feel in love with Jean-Luc more, he is simply gorgeous.

For me this was a marvellous book and if you haven't read the first book, don't worry these are standalone's so you won't miss anything.

So with all that taken into consideration I will give the book 5/5 stars.

The book is on pre-order at Amazon and is available to buy from 22nd March.

I received this ARC from the author in return for a honest review.

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